The Voice of the Artist

I chose visual arts as my profession because of my profound love for it. Today, I have transformed this love into an endless passion and made it my lifelong career—a decision I have no regrets about. Every day, I immerse myself in painting, teaching, and selling my art, living a fulfilling and meaningful life. On my website,, I believe every visitor can feel my dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit.

Behind each piece of artwork lies a unique story or meaning, reflecting my personal experiences, emotions, the changing society, and my hopes for the ecological environment. My first book, “The Story Behind Art,” documents some original and digitally enhanced works, along with the profound meanings, thoughts, and hopes behind each piece. Through this book, I hope website visitors can gain a deeper understanding of visual arts. It is not just about creating beautiful pieces but also about the artist’s cry to society, a call to the people, and a hope and effort for the future.

Every stroke of the brush, every chisel mark, every piece of sculpture, and every calligraphy piece embodies my heart and soul. Through the book and these works, I hope to resonate with the viewers, inspire their love for art, and provoke thoughtful reflections on life.

My creations are not just a pursuit of art but also a profound contemplation of life and an authentic expression of emotions. Each artwork is my voice, conveying my unique perspective of the world and my vision for a better future. Through my art, I hope to raise awareness about environmental protection, provoke thought on social issues, and inspire a longing for a beautiful life.

Thank you to every reader for your resonance and support. May you find your sense of inspiration and emotion in my book and my works. Wishing your health and happiness.

The Story Behind the Art, by Chau Ming Beck

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