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Boundless art new paintings

I am working on a new series of paintings, titled “Boundless”. But what is the concept and definition of “boundless”?

Bright moonlight before my bed, I suppose it is frost on the ground. I raise my head to see the bright moon, then lower it, thinking of my hometown.

This is “Quiet Night Thoughts” by Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is one of my favorite poems. It uses simple and beautiful language to express the author’s thoughts and feelings about space and time. Space and time are the closest concepts to boundless that I can think of. Boundless can be a feeling or a vision, boundless can be imagination or thought, boundless can be a mood or a dream, or even mountains, rivers, and deserts. The inspiration for this series comes from my exploration of boundless.

This is a realistic painting of space that I created. I want to use it to show the vastness and mystery of the universe. In this painting, you can see countless stars twinkling in the deep darkness, forming a spectacular and beautiful picture. Is the universe infinite? Are we alone in this vast space? Can we explore and understand the secrets of the universe? These questions have always troubled me and inspired my creativity.

This is an abstract painting of earth history that I created. I want to use it to show the passage and change of earth’s time. In this painting, you can see different colors and shapes of patterns intertwined together, forming a complex and layered image. How long is the history of the earth? Can we feel the flow and change of time? Can we protect and cherish the resources and life of the earth? These questions also trouble me and inspire my creativity.

I am preparing to create another two paintings, using realistic and abstract styles to express another aspect of space and time. Among these four paintings, two are realistic and two are abstract. I want to use this contrast and echo to express the theme of my new series of paintings “Boundless”.

I want to use my paintings to explore the mystery of boundless, Boundless is a realm beyond matter and form, Boundless is a feeling beyond time and space, and Boundless is an expression beyond language and words. I hope my works can arouse the curiosity and imagination of readers about boundless, And I hope to share with readers my artistic perspective and spiritual journey.

These works will be a praise and awe for the universe and nature. Each work will tell an independent but interrelated story. Space and time together form the artistic perspective of “boundless”. I hope you will like my new works and welcome you to leave me a message or comment, telling me your opinions and feelings. Thank you for reading!

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