Art and Abstract

When it comes to abstract art, I believe it is an extensive and sensitive topic. Some artists express their works in an extremely elusive manner, making it challenging for most people to comprehend, even after my efforts to explain. Others create art that is so abstract that even they themselves may not fully understand it. Nevertheless, such concerns are inconsequential because abstract art, at its core, is about the artist’s emotions and self-expression.

My artistic style lies somewhere between realism and impressionism, and society often categorizes artists like me as “Naturalists.” Occasionally, I venture into creating abstract art, although it can be more limited as I usually start by defining the theme I want to convey and then consider how to express it indirectly.

Recently, I mentioned the concept of creating a series of works titled “Boundless.” While organizing my artwork, I discovered an abstract painting that perfectly embodied the essence of “Boundless.” This artwork features visual elements representing time with arrows, space with rectangular geometrical forms, and cycles with circular shapes. In essence, “Boundless” signifies infinity through the concept of endless cycles in everything around us—where every ending leads to a new beginning.

In my creations, I aim to convey the notions of time passing and eternal recurrence through these abstract forms, prompting viewers to contemplate the profound mysteries of life and the universe. This abstract expression allows for greater imagination and depth of thought, offering a unique and enlightening experience within the realm of art. Overall, as an artist, I embrace a style that hovers between realism and impressionism, occasionally experimenting with abstract art, showcasing my distinct artistic personality and flair. Through my exploration and reflection on the theme of “Boundless,” I intend for my artworks to be more than just visual delights but also catalysts for introspection and contemplation. I believe that my artistic journey will continue to evolve in exciting and diverse ways as I embark on further explorations and experiments. I look forward to creating more outstanding works in the future!

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