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与此同时,我迫不及待地想要与您分享一项新的计划——一本关于我的艺术作品的电子书,书名为“The Story Behind The Art”(艺术背后的故事)。在这本书中,我将深入而细腻地叙述我在艺术生涯中所经历的曲折、迷茫、迷失和挣扎,但更为重要的是其中蕴含的喜悦和成长。选择追求艺术之路需要坚定的勇气,因为艺术本身就是一种对美的独特表达,而这种表达方式常常充满争议,对每一位艺术家来说都是一种巨大的挑战。然而,正是这些挑战塑造了我今天的艺术个性和创作风格。



2024’s First Blog Post

Dear readers, at the beginning of this new year, I sincerely extend my apologies to all of you. Recently, my website hosting provider, “WooCommerce,” underwent a significant update, directly impacting the normal operation of my personal website, www.printsla.com, and causing inconveniences for many visitors. I deeply regret this inconvenience and assure you that I am committed to promptly updating and restoring all product information on www.printsla.com to ensure its swift return to normal operation.

Simultaneously, I am eager to share a new endeavor with you—an e-book titled “The Story Behind the Art.” In this book, I will delve into the intricacies of my artistic journey, recounting the twists, turns, moments of uncertainty, and struggles I have faced. However, more importantly, the book will highlight the joy and growth embedded within these experiences. Choosing the path of art requires unwavering courage, as art itself is a unique expression of beauty, often fraught with controversy, presenting a significant challenge to every artist. Yet, it is these challenges that have shaped my artistic identity and distinctive creative style.

The path of art is akin to a long and variable journey, spanning one’s entire life and providing profound insights. Throughout this extensive journey, my pursuit has extended beyond mere technical improvement to a deep understanding of beauty and how to translate this comprehension into sincere emotions within my creations. Through my artworks, I aspire to convey my unique interpretation of the beauty inherent in nature and share those simple and pure moments of beauty.

I express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. In the coming year, I sincerely wish each reader a flourishing career and a life filled with happiness. May the world be at peace, and may people find security and prosperity in their homes and endeavors. Once again, thank you for your support, and I look forward to sharing the artistic journey of the new year with you all.

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