2024 – Reflection on the Chinese New Year

The beginning of 2024 marked a challenging start, as wars persisted and expanded globally. Harsh weather conditions struck various regions, with earthquakes and tsunamis threatening human well-being. Faced with the challenges of natural disasters and human conflicts, 2024 also ushered in the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

In Chinese folklore, the “Year” was originally depicted as a monstrous creature. Every last day of winter, it emerged from the sea to attack villages, devouring livestock and people. To protect themselves, people would stay indoors, praying for safety. Guided by a wise elder, they discovered that the “Year” feared red and the sound of firecrackers. Decorating homes with red and setting off fireworks became the means to drive away the mythical creature. The villagers followed suit, and indeed, the “Year” never appeared again. Over time, this tradition evolved into China’s longest and most cherished festival.

On the last day of winter, people now don red clothes, set off firecrackers, hang couplets, enjoy dumplings, exchange New Year’s greetings, witness dragon and lion dances, solve riddles, and illuminate the skies with fireworks. These activities not only carry profound cultural significance but also reflect people’s blessings and expectations for the new year.

As widely known, the mythical dragon represents mysterious qualities such as bravery, resilience, strength, and independence, along with nobility, dignity, and honor. 2024, the Year of the Dragon, also known as the Azure Dragon Year, symbolizes a year filled with strength and hope. Humanity hopes to maintain positive energy, anticipating global peace, favorable weather conditions, and the aspiration that everyone treats each other with kindness and honesty. Only then can all living beings on Earth experience a year of peace and prosperity.

This collective hope and anticipation belong to everyone, and the Chinese New Year acts as a guiding light, illuminating our path forward and encouraging us to face the new year with hope and unity.



2024年,迎来了中国的龙年,传说中 “年” 是一个凶恶的怪兽,每到冬天的最后一天,便从海中蜂拥而至,袭击村庄,吞噬牲畜和人类。为了抵御这一威胁,人们只得躲在家中祈祷平安。一位智者老人的指点,让人们发现 “年”最畏惧红色和鞭炮声。于是,红色的装饰和炸响的鞭炮成为了赶走“年”的利器。村民们遵循这一智慧,果然“年”再也没有出现。久而久之,这一传统演变成中国最为悠久的节日.




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